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Who I Help

How I Do It

What's in It For You

I am available to help those individuals with:

  • Compromised Nervous System​

  • Lyme Disease

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Social Challenges​​

  • Through my plan we’ll discover exercises to retrain the brain and reset neurological pathways 

  • We’ll meet in person, on the phone or via Zoom for 50 minutes.


  • Goal setting and objective measurements to track success

  • Homework assignments and reading materials - be ready to spend time mastering the work​​

  • Support systems through text

       or email

  • The ability to reclaim your life and feel confident in your day-to-day.

  • To overcome Lyme Disease 

  • Turn a new chapter in your life

Package Options

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One-on-One Coaching consists of 50-minute sessions where you'll learn my program and we'll overcome your problems together.  You’ll master my daily exercises to alleviate physical challenges and recover from crisis​.


  • Quick Healer - for those individuals who have advanced training in mindfulness and rewiring, would like 1-4 sessions with me as a way to springboard your other programs and gather information in an efficient manner. 

  • Commitment One - is for those who need a    long-term plan and want to sign on for an extended amount of time to master my program. I will estimate how many sessions it will take to maintain a solid grasp of my tools.

  • Ongoing Two - is for not only a long-term relationship where we spend time mastering the program, but also maintenance and coaching on a weekly basis for sustainability and a continued plan. 

Individual pricing available.

Saturday. Summer. Beautiful sunny day, s


If you have individuals in an online forum or group setting who would like to pool together resources, I am available to speak to large groups on a range of topics. I will set up a Zoom line and plan to spend 2-3 hours reviewing my program, addressing the group’s issues and questions.

  • Perfect for larger size and on a budget.

  • Ideal setting for group interaction.

  • Rates for this service depends on the size and scope of topics.

  • In person group discussions can also be performed outside if you would like me to attend your event.

Mindfulness in Corporate Settings
My trip up and down the Great Smoky Moun

Mindfulness in Corporate Settings

I am available to speak with your office about a better quality of life in the workplace.

  • We’ll discover as a group how to set intentions, incorporate deep breathing exercises, master short form Mantra and address questions and challenges your group faces.  

  • Will come to your place of business in an outdoor setting or meet via Zoom.

* Space is limited during the fall months, please contact me for availability.

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