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Volume 1 - Psychological Impairment

It’s no wonder that the amount of anxiety, depression and physical impairment from external stimuli and disease is at an all-time high right now especially during a global pandemic. According to Sean Flemming from the World Economic Forum, “we are seeing rapid cases of psychological deficiencies spike over 275 million globally”. I think from the research I have done over the years, the root causes that contribute to this awful plague are social disorder, sudden health crises, online media and disease. With trauma as a result of disease or mental suffering, our brain becomes wired in such a way that the mind reacts and then the body suffers as a result. There are millions of pathways in the brain that need to thrive in an open and straight manner. Repetitive, negative thoughts or constant triggers will cross brainwaves and create an electric friction or vibration. Fight or Flight takes over and then all hell breaks loose. Working together the brain, mind and body connection must all be well balanced and harmonious. Otherwise, anxiety & depression will manifest themselves deep within the brain.

I happen to know firsthand after suffering for two years. For me, physical pain, swelling, distorted vision, derealization, muscle discomfort and fatigue all grew within my body as a result of Lyme. These results can impair the body as it cripples the neurological framework of the body. For years I have also been challenged with having a compromised Neurological System either from a biological imbalance or attack from an outside vector. Ever since I was young, my body reacted to trauma in a severe and debilitating way. If I injured myself, banged a knee or bonked my elbow, I would breakout into full-body shakes and tremors which would last up to three to five minutes. As an adult, in times of stress I get nerve twitches in my calves and my temperature seems to ebb and flow between hot and cold. Has this happened to you? Do you suffer from a compromised Neurological System? Luckily, there are solutions to correcting brain trauma and supporting a healthy Neurological frame within the body. And it all starts with repetitive Mantra, daily meditation and mindfulness coupled with a healthy diet and conventional drugs when necessary. We all have the capability to achieve or have anything we want and daily practice provides the vehicle to get there. Let me show you how.


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