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Volume 3 - As Soon As You Open Your Eyes in The Morning

Repetitive thought and negative looping within the brain can be detrimental to the well- being and sustainability of the mind. Ego has an acute way of taking over our thought process with constant negative statements about life which need to be quelled and diminished immediately. It’s for this reason that I suggest retraining the brain as soon as you open your eyes in the morning. Once you wake (either during the night or when ready to start your day) it is vital to practice repetitive Mantra exercises for fifteen minutes; then go back to bed or begin your day. Too many times we press the snooze button or lie awake in the middle of the night and ruminate past thoughts about negative activities. This includes upcoming plans for the day, past conversations we had with friends or loved ones or stressful meetings we had at work. All of which create a looping sensation that is very harmful to the brain. As soon as you open your eyes, jump out of bed, stand in the middle of the room in a comfortable setting and spend the 15 minutes doing short or long-form Mantra.

I can teach these exercises in my advanced program to not only reduce internal thought from Ego, but also diminish anxiety that results from the constant looping. Brain rewiring or retraining through Neuroplasticity is becoming more widely used as Mindfulness becomes a common practice in reshaping the brain without conventional drugs or pharmaceuticals. I know from experience that over-worrying and rumination is so harmful and our bodies react in numerous ways to combat this fear. Fight or Flight is the vital resource our brains use in response to fear. Reducing this process is so critical to our health and spending the time retraining can have positive effects on the entire Neurological System.

Contact me for additional information on this topic as we explore best practices in overcoming Ego.


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