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Overcome Health Challenges & Achieve Your Goals



I'm Andrew Tuckman, assisting individuals who want to overcome Post-Lyme Disease complications, achieve personal goals, reduce anxiety and eliminate depression. If you are experiencing brain fog, dissociation, physical pain, social disorders,  or motivational challenges, I would be honored to be a part of your team.


My one-on-one program that saved my life consists of a daily Mindfulness regimen based on repetitive, spoken Mantras that are easy to master and geared for each person.  Through weekly sessions, we will learn the art of these carefully scripted Mantras. We’ll incorporate contemporary Mindfulness practices, daily schedules, simple meditations, purposeful intentions and a conscious diet to maximize a healthy lifestyle. 


We’ll map out tools that fit your schedule and capabilities. You will be able to regain your life and restore your internal systems with balance, semblance and strength. I offer individual packages or group-rate coaching sessions for those who want to work with others and create a safe and productive forum if you are on a budget.  

Together we can achieve greatness!


Feel free to fill out the contact form below. I look forward to our complimentary first session.



One-on-One Coaching

For individual counseling, I provide a roadmap, objective goal list and program for us to follow after our initial 90-minute consultation. We will review each item via Zoom or in-person until you have mastered the daily lessons. Your re-training & re-wiring homework will take up 1-2 hours per day and focuses on repetitive Mantra, Mindfulness & Meditation.

Mindfulness in Corporate Settings

Starting this fall, I am available to speak about Mindfulness in the workplace for eliminating stress, setting intentional goals, creating better forms of communication and setting up a healthy environment in which to work. With all of the new triggers including Covid, weather change and anxiety, everyone needs tools to manage well being.

Group Coaching

If you have an online group or want to pool resources, I am available to work with you via Zoom or in person. This fosters sharing of information within the group and creates a collaborative effort of the lessons. These classes will be a shortened version of the full-length Commitment Packages with easy to learn exercises. 



"I first contacted Andrew in the throes of Lyme Disease and the ensuing trauma it wreaked upon my once happy, vital life. We spent countless hours perfecting his customized program created to calm my frayed central nervous system. Thank you so much Andrew for being my Superhero during this tumultuous time of illness!  Thank you for consistently showing up.  Thank you for your loving warmth, wry humor, strong guidance, and actionable tactics to take my life back."

Ilana D. 

Aventura, Florida


Thailand Fall '99 Backpacking Trip


Contact Andrew

If you would like to find out more information, have a question or see if we are a good fit, please fill out contact form. 

Thanks for submitting, I'll get back to you asap!

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